SPECIAL Qualities

With our special qualities we offer you a wide array of products including flame retardant and highly weatherproof coated textiles.


The right fabric, when it gets hot

745 FR

flame-retardant sun- and weather protection as it's best


Discover the perfect qualities for your requirments with our SPECIAL qualities.   

Be it brand retardancy norms or weather resistance: in this collection you will find the right shading for commercial and public applications.


Fire retardant – Everywhere, where required. Firemaster is particularly suitable for applications where stringent fire safety standards must be fulfilled, without having to renounce to modern colors or delicat textures.

Quality 745 FR

Sattler's new 745 FR is a flame-retardant PVC-coated membrane, especially adapted to U.S. market requirements. 

It boasts top features such as high-gloss top varnish which ensures best self-cleaning properties and protects the fabric against ageing. A strong polyester base fabric combined with an adequately thick, knife-coated PVC layer gives you the fabric you need for those heavy duty applications. Produced in Austria, all our fabrics fulfil strictest quality and environmental standards. This is guaranteed by ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificates.


  • light structures
  • fixed awnings
  • canopies
  • tents
  • partition curtains

Clean & Care

Reinigung ohne Hochdruckreiniger
Never clean with high-pressure cleaners
Regelmäßig reinigen
Remove loose dirt regularly
Nicht feucht einrollen
Never roll up or fold whilst wet
Reinigung nur mit Wasser und Seife
Clean with a mild soapy water solution

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