Awning fabrics-

ELEMENTS Quality - spun-dyed sun protection fabrics with woven in UV protection. Durable, dirt and water repellent fabrics in modern vibrant colors and designs.

Urban Design

Natural, elegant designs that enrich architecture with a sophisticated touch.


Textures in a great variety of colors round off the smooth surface of our classic solids.


Modern stripes in colors of exceptional purity.

Awning fabrics- ELEMENTS Quality

The basis of what we do: premium acrylic fabrics in the best quality and top designs.

Whether you are in the city or in the countryside, or somewhere in between, – our ELEMENTS quality has the right design for you, since, due to our knowledge based on color studies, we understand your needs and know what might be suitable for you. The modern textures of our Urban Design Line, the trendy stripes in different colors and the partially fine structured solid fabrics round off your awning and turn it into a unique decorating element.


Anwendung als Gelenkarmmarkise
Retractable awning
Anwendungs als Pergola
Pergola and conservatory awnings
Anwendung als Schirm
Anwendung als Sonnensegel
Sun sail
Anwendung als Korbmarkise
Basket awning
Anwendung als Variovolant

Clean & Care

Reinigung ohne Hochdruckreiniger
Never clean with high-pressure cleaners
Regelmäßig reinigen
Remove loose dirt regularly
Nicht feucht einrollen
Never roll up or fold whilst wet
Reinigung nur mit Wasser und Seife
Clean with a mild soapy water solution

Special Features

Special Fature 100% Acryl
Spun-dyed branded acrylic – only the very best for your sun protection fabric.
Special Feature Texgard
TEXgard – the finishing with lotus effect for your awning fabric.
Special Feature UV Schutz
To guarantee your protection, all Sattler fabrics are subject to the most stringent UV testing standards.
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