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Lumera – the premium awning fabric with Sattler’s Clear Brilliant Acrylic (CBA) fiber. High durability, outstanding dirt repellency and brilliant colors characterize the sun protection fabrics of this collection.
Lumera Landscape 338662


Natural and elegant designs that enrich architecture with a sophisticated touch.
Lumera Landscape Mini 338620

Landscape Mini

Fine stripes provide awnings with a new, elegant appearance.
Lumera Stripes 338322


Modern stripes with exceptional purity of color.
Lumera Solid 338507


Fine textures and smooth surfaces in selected solid colors.

LUMERA Awning Fabrics

No light, no color. With LUMERA, colors shine under a different light.

Light surrounds us day and night. Be it bright sunshine, moonlight or the great variety of colors of the artificial lighting in the city and countryside.   

The smooth surface adds brightness to the fabrics that form Lumera's quality– its luminosity is reflected in our special designs. We have managed to create an even smoother and more brilliant awning fabric by using smooth bright acrylic yarn in the weft: CBA (Clean Brilliant Acrylic).

What does this actually mean for the LUMERA sun protection fabrics?      

  • A dense and smoother surface that enhances the self-cleaning effect      
  • Colors have a brighter and clearer appearance      
  • The soft textile feel remains  

Interested in receiving a fabric swatch? Submit your swatch request, and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

Lumer is unique – These awning fabrics are only available at Sattler! When choosing your fabrics, look for the CBA icon!


Applicable to retractable awning

Retractable awning

Applicable to fixed awning

Fixed awning

Applicable to umbrella


Applicable to sun sail

Sun sail

Applicabel to canopy awning

Canopy awning

Care and Cleaning

Never clean with high-pressure cleaners

Never clean with high-pressure cleaners

Clean regularly

Remove loose dirt regularly

Never roll up or fold when wet

Never roll up or fold when wet

Clean with a mild soapy water solution

Clean with a mild soapy water solution

Special Features

Special Fature 100% Acryl

100% solution-dyed acrylic – only the very best for your sun protection fabric.

Special Feature Texgard

TEXgard – the finishing with lotus effect for your awning fabric.

Special feature UV-protection

To guarantee your protection, all Sattler fabrics are subject to the most stringent UV testing standards.

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