World of Sattler: alle Qualitäten für den Sonnenschutz in einem Koffer

Awning fabrics collection
Be it ELEMENTS, LUMERA or our new, innovative LUMERA 3D fabrics – our awning fabrics collection is made up of all of the qualities aimed at sun protection.

a unique tool for all qualities.
To present all our fabric types in the most compact and clearly structured manner, we have developed a new presentation tool: the Sattler Awning Fabric Book.

LUMERA 3D Quality
With Lumera fabric, we weave the CBA (Clear Brilliant Acrylic) fiber into the weft. With Lumera 3D fabrics, we also combine this yarn in the warp with staple fiber. This results in a unique surface feel and colors that shine even brighter when the light shines through.
Lumera Themebook Kombi

LUMERA Quality
The blend of textured staple yarn in the warp with our smooth, deep-colored CBA yarn (Clean Brilliant Acrylic) in the weft, creates a smoother surface of the fabics, making colors shine more intensely. This also makes the fabric even more dirt repellent.

The use of solution-dyed staple fiber yarn in both the warp and the weft results in a highly UV resistand sun protection fabric with typical textile feel.


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