Sattler USA
Sun protection fabrics from Sattler USA have met thehighest demands since 1875. The high-quality materials used at the production sites in Thondorf and Rudersdorf in the production of awning fabrics are uniquely ‘Made in Austria’.

A 5th generation family business, Sattler is one of the leading manufacturers of sun-protection fabrics.

Creative fabric designs

…inspired by nature, the latest architectural trends and local specifications.

High-quality acrylic yarn…

…which has a particularly long lifespan and maintains a stable UV protection, thanks to its solution-dyeing process.

Innovation & research...

…makes us a leader in the market of sun-protection. Thanks to CBA (Clean Brilliant Acrylic), a filament fiber created purely by Sattler, and the expertise of our technicians, we are in the position to manufacture the highest quality sun-protection fabrics while continuously introducing new effects into our collections.

State-of-the-art weaving mill...

…in which acrylic yarns of the most diverse surface structures are woven into top-modern designs.

Long Lasting Reliability...

…which, thanks to the in-house TexGARD finish impregnation, repels soil and water from the fabric like in a lotus flower effect, thereby making your awning the centerpiece of your patio for many years to come.

Exceptional values,
creative atmosphere

In addition to developing perfect fabrics for outdoor use and new applications, our aim is clearly to manufacture products in a sustainable way, using available resources wisely.

Textiles made by Sattler are used in all areas where superior, long lasting outdoor fibers are required. Solution-dyed acrylic means that pigments are embedded in the fiber during the production process.

Sattler fabrics are used for sunshades, privacy and anti-glare protection, and for umbrellas. Our fabrics can also be used for marine applications. Be it summer or winter covers, our fabrics meet the most demanding requirements. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of fabrics for the upholstery and casual furniture industry.

Moreover, our assortment includes special use fabrics like flame retardancy, outstanding water repellency and other special features.

Our goal is to ensure the highest quality and most modern standards for our customers. Therefore, certification according to the quality standard ISO 9001 and to the environment management standard ISO 14001 are a must for us.


Design | Research & Development | Know How & Innovation

Our own designers continuously observe current regional influences and the latest architectural trends, incorporating them into our designs. Throughout our collections, we set standards that highlight our leading position in the market.

Our research focuses on the development of new products and the improvement of existing products. Usage and functionality are always at the forefront when determining the properties of our products, aimed to offer the best benefit to both manufacturers and users. The Sattler Group has established a solid network of development partnerships over the past few decades whose cooperative support leads to fast and practice based results.

We are continually developing our extensive portfolio of innovative project to include: new products, new product properties, new manufacturing technologies, business processes, fabric design, design of membrane structures and communication technologies among others.

Weaving facilities | Finishing | Quality

Our technologically advanced weaving mill is the key to our innovative products. Our highly qualified employees continuously strive to produce unique quality products.

Our highly cutting-edge weaving facilities are the starting point of our value chain. Our highly skilled staff continuously manufactures products of outstanding quality.

"thinking highTEX" encompasses an uncompromising dedication towards top performing for products and services. We regard the annual external audits, that abide to ISO norms, as an invaluable source and inspiration for the improvement of our management system, as well as the securing of our leading market position.

Environmental awareness | Customers’ proximity | Delivery reliability

For many years, we have been developing our production processes to continually protect the environment. Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated by the application of environmental management in accordance to ISO 14001.


We provide worldwide customer service and acquire new customers through our local sales staff.

We are proud of our ability to meet our delivery deadlines worldwide. At Sattler, logistics end with the transport, but they begin much earlier with good planning.

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