Textile trends for camping with glamour.


Camping, being close to nature and yet enjoying a certain amount of luxury. Glamorous camping, a new trend that combines nature and luxury.

Inner Tent
Natural materials in the interior create a snug and relaxing atmosphere. Fabrics made from cotton, CO/PES, or solution-dyed Acrylic are the right choice for this application.

Outer Tent
The outer walls protect the tent. Acrylic or PVC coated fabrics are the perfect choice for this application.

Outdoor Living
Exclusive outdoor upholstery fabrics confer a feeling of luxury to the caravan awning or to the terrace. The colour range of our fabrics match and round up the materials used in the inner and outer tents.

Clean & Care

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Le taud ne doit jamais être plié et rangé en étant mouillé!

Le taud ne doit jamais être plié et rangé en étant mouillé!

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