Customer’s survey – collection launch 2018

Dear customers,
One year has passed since we first introduced our collection ‘The World of Sattler’. To complete this process, we would like to conduct a functionality review by means of a short questionnaire.

Our aim is to use the feedback gained from the survey in the launching process of our collection 2023 to obtain even better results. This way we will not only ensure your and our success, but it will help us to meet your needs even better.

Should you have further questions that are not included in our questionnaire, please feel free to contact our Marketing team at They will be glad to assist you.

Personal and company data
Questions related to collection sample process ‘Awning 2018’ ?
Questions related to the collection as a tool

Questions related to Sattler’s collection Flexbook
How satisfied with following aspects in connection to our Flexbook?

Please rate Sattler’s collection in comparison to our competitors

Questions related to tools used in connection with our collection

Are there any other communication channels you would like us to offer (new media forms)?
Outlook 2023
And lastly…

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